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25 Fabulous Southwestern Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you interested in incorporating the southwestern style in your bathroom? To design in this beautiful style means to draw from the Mexican Spanish and Indian influences. Southwestern approach is infused with artisan essence and strong ties to nature. If you are interested in a bathroom of the southwestern style Check out our complete collection of bathroom ideas and photos featuring the Southwestern bathroom!! Click To Read More

Awesome Bathtub Ideas With Luxurious Appeal

What could be more relaxing than a nice long soak? The answer: soaking in a tub that looks as good as it feels! When it comes time to unwind, slipping into those shimmering suds feels like a mini-vacation. And compared to hitting the spa for some well-deserved “me time”, a luxurious tub is an indulgence that pays for itself time and time again. Whether you’re looking for the latest features or just want something that fits your carefully coordinated decor, this curated collection of designer bathtubs is sure to inspire. So dim the lights, put on some soft music, and sink into the tub of your dreams. Click To Read More

Trendy And Classy Bohemian Bathroom Designs

Wanna see some original design? Looking for bright colors but good taste? Don’t hesitate to choose bohemian style for your space! It’s original and colorful, and ideal for those who love cheerful and juicy spaces. Making bathroom bohemian you should be careful not to overdo with colors and textures. Add just some peculiar tiles, a shower curtain, green plants and accessories – many of the things you can make yourself. Combine boho chic with some other style: rustic, romantic, feminine, minimalist or classical because meeting these styles boho chic sparkles brighter. Look at the ideas below and enjoy! Click To Read More

Modern And Popular Tropical Bathroom Designs

Tropical decor is vibrant but not loud. It doesn’t make use of colors that are bold and too bright. Details of a tropical home may vary between countries and continents, but commonly it would have a laid-back approach with an emphasis to nature and the outdoors. Fibers of the tropics like bamboo, rattan and others are one common feature as well tropical wood like rosewood, mahogany and teak. Yes, we can use these wood and fibers in the bathroom. Another notable feature of a tropical space is its being light and airy with plenty of plants. Wondering how you can do that to your bathroom? Here are some images for inspiration. Click To Read More

Marvelous Bathroom With Walk In Showers

Walk-in showers are elegant and functional for any bathroom. Whether you also have a bathtub or just this area, your décor will be functional and chic. It will also give your bathroom a modern appeal and it will give you the possibility to efficiently use the space you have available. Get creative or find some inspiration somewhere else. We have selected five designs to get you started. Click To Read More

Most Superlative Victorian Style Powder Rooms

As a design lover it is absolutely wonderful to see the revival of so many styles that venture beyond the mundane and ‘modern’ in recent times. Be it shabby chic, retro, mid century (which never fully went out of style anyway) or industrial, the wider the spectrum of designs, more exciting the world becomes! Another addition to this growing list of styles that are making a ‘mini comeback’ of sorts is Victorian. No, we do not want you to head out and buy accessories, decor and wallpaper that give your home a classic and complete Victorian overhaul. But something as small as a powder is a great place to try it out in all its glory! Click To Read More

Amazing Modern Luxury Bathroom Designs

For the aesthetic function, Few people prefer to bring the outstanding look into their bathroom. Graceful and luxury are two goals of those kind of people who do not care on how much the budget will cost them in order to decor this kind of bathroom. What they need is Luxury Bathroom Designs. With the luxury design, they will have an amazing vanities and great look in their bathroom that similar to those bathrooms in VVIP room of five starred hotels. Click To Read More

Most Amazing Bathroom Mirrors Ideas

Exploring the countless choices available in bathroom mirrors, establishing the look one is striving to gain whether traditional or contemporary, bathroom mirrors have transitioned through the modern ages. Victorian style bathrooms were often built with heavy layers of dark wood types from boxed in baths, wood framed mirror to wainscoting. Today’s traditional styles of bathroom furnishings are sporting alike design concepts, but with a much lighter look. Bathroom mirrors are lightly capped with different wood textures and tones and wood bath panels are added to step up the design components as an extension of tradition. Arched mirrors alone or with the addition of wall sconces for extra lighting can also make a Victorian feel to your bathroom setting. Click To Read More

Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Is there anything greater than taking a relaxing shower after a tough day at work? Well, yes! How about having a relaxing shower in your very own fabulous modern bathroom under a modern shower which was created according to your liking? It is unarguable that in order to relax, it is great to be able to enjoy the environment and the things that we are surrounded with. In this article, you are going to find a different variety of modern shower designs. Few of which can appear to be very luxurious and unique, and others which are simpler to find and incorporate in standard modern bathrooms. Click To Read More

Fabulous And Stunning Small Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom design is foremost to make a small room whether you design a new one or remodel based on the existing layout. Although the size of bathrooms in new homes has almost doubled, bathrooms in lot older houses have remained relatively tiny. But the small space doesn’t have to impact style and functionality. In this article, we have gathered few examples of tiny designed small bathrooms, which will shine your design or remodel ideas. Click To Read More