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25 Beautiful Craftsman Dining Room Design Ideas

It’s hard not to love the Craftsman Dining Room Design Ideas, isn’t it?! There’s something warm and inviting about a Craftsman home that celebrates simple forms and a true appreciation for the building materials. These structures, which began appearing shortly after the turn of the 20th century, boasted a signature set of features, from tapered columns and linear window detailing to front porches and exposed rafters under the eaves. Click To Read More

24 Amazing Diverse Dining Room Ideas

The dining area is where your family members or buddies, to dine or eat together. For today we put together a collection of 24  gorgeous diverse dining room design ideas that are going to give you inspiration .In these collections of dining rooms are so many options to consider when choosing room decor it might seem overwhelming. Several factors should come into play initially as you begin to plan the room. These factors are style, color and function from contemporary to classical. Moving away from the mundane and revitalizing the space they adorn. Click To Read More