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25 Amazing Craftsman Exterior Design Ideas

In the architecture world, the craftsman home style means that we are talking about a home which has low-pitched roof lines which can result in a gabled or a hipped roof that has deeply overhanging eaves as well as a roof that features exposed rafters or decorative brackets under the eaves. Another significant feature of the craftsman style is that the porch is located beneath an extension of the main roof, as well as the 4-over-1 or 6-over-1 double-hung windows that can be noticed. But probably the most significant thing for the craftsman home style is that it is mostly made of hand-crafted stone or woodwork and mixed-materials throughout the structure, and that is probably the reason it got it’s name. Enjoy! Click To Read More

Splendid And Stylish Mid Century Entry Design

We have already completed the interior part of the mid-century modern designs when it comes to home architecture. This means that we are now set to step outside and take care of the exterior as well as the outdoor areas. But before we do that, we have to take care of one last thing, the one we would be using to enter or exit the home. Yes, the mid century entrance design is the topic we are going to be covering today. It is the best topic to transition from the interior to the exterior designs as well as link the rest of the interior design collections such as the mid century kitchen,bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, home office and kids’ room. Here we are talking about mid century entry designs for home. Click To Read More

Classic And Gorgeous Mediterranean Entry Designs

The idea of first impressions being the perfect applies as much to your home as it does to individuals, and this is where a stunning entry makes a big difference. A beautiful entry starts outside your door and becomes an essential part of the home’s bigger narrative, its theme and style. From the yard that directs to the front door to the entry room itself, nothing stands in isolation as each part complements and increases the beauty of the other. And some entryways seem as dramatic, classic and gorgeous as those draped in Mediterranean style! Click To Read More

Beautiful And Attractive Industrial Entry Designs

The industrial design has been the target of this showcase that we’re going on about for the past week and more. We have nearly finished the interior part of the showcase, in fact, we are going to finish it with today’s industrial entry designs. If you have missed our former collections from the industrial style or you need some more motivation, you can find them organized by the area they be such as the industrial kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, kids’ room, home office and staircase. The industrial entry is worth part of the industrial home in terms of design. The reason behind this is that it is important of giving the first impression to every visitor and when it comes to the industrial style, it is very foremost that the first impression is that you are entering a home and not a warehouse. With the designs featured below, we are expecting that we can give you more than sufficient ideas on how to create your industrial entry the most welcoming part of your home. Click To Read More

Stunning And Stylish Farmhouse Entry Designs

I continue telling you of entry decor ideas because your home decor wouldn’t be finished without this beautiful space. Today you’ll see farmhouse entry ideas that are truly welcoming and motivating and that are best to finish up your farmhouse design. To make one you’ll want shabby chic or just rustic furniture, wood pieces and baskets for storage. No need to be afraid of different decorations like wreaths, banners, letters, marquees or even boots to give your entry that farmhouse look. Frames, twigs and your personal flea market finds won’t cost much but will look better. Look at the ideas below and make your own entry! Click To Read More

Amazing Beach Style Entry Designs For Home

It is said that first impression is the last impression. The prime thing anyone sees when they come over to visit you is the entry of your home. Therefore, it becomes the greatest importance for you to decorate in such a way that your foyer looks warm and welcoming as well as majestic design. In this post you realize the task by following our tips and ideas below. Go through them now and know how to decorate a foyer with your own sense of style. Set a welcoming tone in your home with a amazingly decorated entry of your home. Click To Read More

Fresh And Cool Rooftop Garden Designs

We all fond of natural beauty and desire to live in the lap of the nature. So why not have a nature beauty at home and that is a garden. Let’s do something fresh in this Year. Every human wish to get a beautiful atmosphere to come home to where he can rest and chill out with friends and family. A rooftop garden is a roof covered with grass, ground cover, or other plants, planted in a growing medium. Checkout our fresh collection of charming rooftop garden designs to Inspire you. Click To Read More

Amazing And Awesome Outdoor Dining Spaces Ideas

Do you like the outdoor entertaining? Outdoor entertaining is truly a great way to relax after work or enjoy the nature, mostly in the long summer. So the outdoor dining area is of the essence. It can be in your garden or backyard or even be created by you outside the house. Wherever, outdoor entertaining doesn’t just mean plastic cups, paper plates and a bonfire. In order to feel the true meaning of it, the outdoor dining area must be well designed. For example, to make a welcoming dining area, you can put a picnic table with some candles and some comfortable chairs in the yard. Click To Read More

Superlative Pebble Design Ideas for Your Cloister

If you are seeking for some ideas to increase the beauty of your courtyard, then you should take a look at these motivational examples of how to decorate the garden with pebbles. Pebbles are the best materials for gardening design close to nature. They are simple to find and can be painted to your favorite colors. In these days, short plants and pebbles are becoming more and more popular in garden designs. Click To Read More

Splendid Metal Projects For Outdoor Decorations

Metal can be very useful and impressive if it used in right place. Have a look at these amazing inspirations. Garden and backyard are the most used space in hot weather, so you should consider change something and create them look gorgeous. When it comes to make an interesting and beautiful landscaping, most of time you will select plants, flowers, stone paths, wood, stone and water. As an unique decorative material, rusted metal accents make charming contrast with normal material and can truly help you to enhance the beauty of your space. Have a look our collection, and make your own version! Click To Read More