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25 Exclusive Victorian Living Room Ideas

Owning a character-laden Victorian home sounds dreamy until you move in and discover that the ancient antiquity runs throughout the home — including the wiring, roofing and windows. Victorian style rooms are very orderly and have a lot of embellishment. Surfaces are brimming with items that showcase the owner’s taste and personality. Furniture styles can be taken from various time periods in history. Gothic, Tudor, Elizabethan, and English Rococo are all popular furniture styles used in Victorian living rooms. Even tough remodeling a Victorian home is costly and time consuming, meshing modern design with a Victorian flair can be done — in any home. Some may call this look eclectic, but we prefer to call this mixture, Modern Victorian. Really it only makes sense that this style has evolved into being. Creating a modern Victorian interior can be achieved by carefully meshing the two styles together. Get inspired by the following 25 Modern Victorian Living Room Ideas. Click To Read More

30 Eye Catching Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

Whenever Eclecticism is being brought up in the table, it is the 19th century that comes to mind, during which the Architecture of Borrowing and Free Selection was established. It was a movement wherein the approach was totally from a different angle – being able to draw about different concepts and theories and just mixing them all up and making sure that there is this specific idea that is complementary to one another. It may seem mixed up or cluttered but as experts say, it is rather common in our society. Click To Read More

35 Classy Rustic Living Room Design Ideas

Ever considered using burlap in your interior decoration plans for your homes? Burlap maybe a simple and ordinary fabric, but it sure seems a great find to be used as a decorating material – especially for designing a rustic living room! Rustic style is becoming more and more popular – why not? Rustic is a simple look anyone can actually create for their own personal spaces! Today, we will be showing you guys 15 Homey Rustic Living Room Designs that will engage you in their designs and remind you how homey one space can be. Click To Read More

Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

Minimalism is not just a way of decorating an interior, is a way of lifestyle inspired by the Eastern culture and philosophy. Minimalist motto is ” Less is More” meaning that less furniture in your living room will allow more energy in the place. The minimalist way of decorating the living room is really beneficial in terms of providing the living space with limitless amount of clean and pure energy, and it will be very easy to clean your living room. Interior experts claim that the more the merrier is not the case with the living room, because the furniture blocks the energy and creates clutter ambiance. Therefore the minimalist living room will provide the place with pure and filtrated energy. Aesthetically, the minimalist living room looks sleek and extremely contemporary. Without further ado, we will leave you to enjoy in the below showcase of Sleek minimalist living room designs. Enjoy! Click To Read More

Lovely Bohemian Living Room Designs

Creating a boho chic living room means creating an absolutely different and your personalized atmosphere. Actually, the best feature of this style is that you can use any art pieces, your own works and mix colors ad you wish. Bohemian style often resembles some cool Eastern interiors – for example, Moroccan, so enjoy bright colors and patterns if you like them. If you are looking for something calmer, make a white bohemian interior – it’s easy and looks very exquisite. Wood, fur, different fabrics, leather and plants – enjoy the variety of materials you may use. Below you’ll find different boho decor ideas – in many colors and personalized in various ways, get inspired! Click To Read More